Improving Me in 2013: Day 23 {The Complete Everyday Face}

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Today we are adding some color detail to our flawless face.
If you missed the flawless face tutorial, hope over HERE to 
see how I did my foundation makeup.
Now this is where we take a flawless face to a whole new level.
My everyday look is easy, fast and of course, pretty.
Below are the products that made this look possible.
First off, I start with my eye makeup.
I found this Stila Palette at Sephora. I like it because it has mostly neutral colors.
But if you want to play it up, you can with all the additional colors. 🙂 

The first color I put on my lid is Bare.
I place this over my whole eyelid from the lash line to the crease.
Then I take the color Luster and apply on the outer side of my eyelid.
I blend that color halfway toward the middle of my lid and up to my crease.
Then I take Bobby Browns Bone and apply it at the top of my eye lid,
right under my brow and in the corner of my eyes.
This will give the illusion that your eye is wider and brighter. 
Then I use the eyeliner that was included in the Stila Palette  
and draw a line right next to my eyelash line.
I stop a little before I get to the inner corner of my eye.
 Next I grab my Aveda eyeliner in Sepia and fill in my eyebrows.
And to complete my eyebrows, I apply Anastasia eyebrow gel.
The last step for my eyes is to curl my eyelashes with an eyelash curler,
then apply my Fibre Lengthening Mascara
And this is what my everyday eyes look like when finished.
I complete my look with my absolute favorite lipstick.
I have been wearing Berry Freeze from Clinique for years.

So as you can see, a little bit of makeup can do your confidence good!

So that is my everyday makeup look.
In a few days I will show you how I do this whole look in only 5 minutes!


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