Improving Me in 2013: Day 22 {A Flawless Face}

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I don’t want to say it but I will,
we all have flaws.
You name it…blemishes, wrinkles, dark circles,
puffy eyes, sun spots. Need I go on?
I don’t bring this up to depress you,
it’s merely to say we all have imperfections that we would like to hide.
That’s why so many of use seek out makeup that will help
us achieve that flawless, dewy, perfect skin.
Today I am going to share the steps I take in getting a flawless face.
Please note: none of my pictures were adjusted so that
I could give you the most accurate pictures of my face. 
So first I have to show you my face with absolutely no makeup.

Yikes! This girl needs some coffee! 🙂

Ok, so let’s talk about some of my flaws.
I have arrows pointing at my dark circles,
my big red splotches and sun spots. 

Now let’s talk about my friends, the flawless face products I use.

The very first thing I always put on my face is 
my Aveeno moisturizer with an SPF 30.
As I’ve gotten older (37 now), my face has gotten drier and more flaky.
So this a step I can never skip.

After I have applied my moisturizer I apply  Dr. Jart+ beauty balm.
(I bought it at Birchbox, which I will talk about more in my favorite products post.)
This is a new product that I purchased after Christmas.
It’s great for evening out my skin tone and giving it a more dewy look.

Then I apply some Clinique concealer around my eyes to cover my dark circles,
sun spots and any blemishes I may have at the time.
You would think at 37 that I would have out grown those blemishes
but I am thinking that I may never out grow them ~ nice.

My final step here is to finish up with some bareMinerals foundation powder.
This step kinda “sets” everything in place.

Starting to look better all ready. The redness and flaws are all gone!

Next step is the highlighting and contouring.
This gives your face some definition and helps emphasize your angles.

For highlighting, I place a little line of my concealer on the top of my nose.
For contouring, I use a Clinique bronzer on a small brush.
I took a picture (without blending it in yet) to show you where to apply bronzer.
To guide you on applying it to your face, think of an E or 3.
Place it at the top of my temple next to your hair line,
follow down along the side of face to right under cheekbone, 
then follow down along jaw line.

Why do we place it there?
It will make your cheekbones pop and make a round face look more elongated.
And I ask you…who doesn’t want that?

The key to highlighting and contouring is to blend well.
You don’t want to see any obvious lines on your face.
My last step is to apply my Clinique blush in Mocha Pink 
on the round part of my cheeks.
I simply smile and brush the highest part of the cheek. 

Now let’s compare the before and the after flawless face…

My makeup routine is not complete yet,
but the flawless foundation is and I think 
we can all agree that there is a difference from the before and after.

Tomorrow we are going to add some color to that face!


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