Improving Me in 2013: Day 21 {Let’s Talk Makeup}

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First things first…

You see, I believe that makeup doesn’t make you beautiful.
It just enhances what the good Lord already gave you. 🙂

I wanted to give you a break down of the next few days of the series.
We’ll start with the foundation of makeup by
 exploring ways to create a makeup foundation for a flawless face. 
And of course we will talk about highlighting and contouring. 
If you don’t know what that is~ you will definitely want to stick around
because it’s the most powerful thing makeup can do for you.

Next, we will move on to adding some color with eyeshadow and lipstick favorites.
 I will also share a post on my favorite products.
Then I am going to get really brave and give you a video of me doing
a 5 minute makeup routine. 🙂

Well will finish up by talking about skincare tips and tricks
to keep your face looking young, healthy and glowing.

Please Note:
As I mentioned in the beginning of the series,
I am NOT a professional.
I don’t know your personal skincare needs or how your face will react to 
any of the products I may suggest.
I AM a mom. I do want to encourage you to take a few minutes a day
to pamper yourself and boost your confidence.
So basically, I’m just suggesting to first,
 do some research on any product you would like to try.
Just to be safe. 🙂

I think this topic will have a little something for everyone.
Whether you never wear makeup and would like a few tips.
Or you’ve been wearing your makeup the same since high school 
and would like to update your look.
(I know for me personally, my makeup routine has evolved since my younger days.)
Maybe you are just looking for some new colors to try out.

Hopefully I will give you some great makeup inspiration right where you need it. 

Oh and here’s a little mock commerical I wanted to share to
remind you that you are beautiful, no photo shop needed!


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