Improving Me in 2013: Day 20 {Oufit Inspiration to Real Life}

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I know some of you loved my outfit inspirations.
So this post is all about taking the ideas and suggestions 
from those inspirational outfits and making them work with clothes 
from a real closet, on a real person. 

Well friends, I am as real as they get! 🙂
Today I am going to hopefully show you that with a little
bit of flexibility anyone can pull off these outfits. 
(And just so you know, I don’t normally stand this way in my home.)
Outfit Combination #1:
basic boyfriend jean, staple print blouse, black cardigan, colorful flats
My shirt and shoes are not exactly the same as the inspirational outfit,
but they are close enough. 
Just like me, you don’t have to run out and buy new clothes
to put together a new stylish outfit.

Outfit Combination #2:
basic boyfriend jean, basic tee, vest, sneakers

In this outfit I used a brown vest (although I would love to have the blue one)
and I did have on sneakers, just not the same exact color.

Outfit Combination #3:
basic black pants, staple ruffle shirt, jean jacket, colorful flats

I adore the inspirational outfit ruffled shirt! 
I tried to pull off the same look but with a pop of yellow in the shoes.

 A moment of truth, this post was a teachable moment for me.
I was so scared to model my own outfits,
but I just stuck to the 5 Minute Wardrobe Method and put an outfit together.
And honestly, I totally surprised myself!
In the past, I would have never combined the items in outfit #3.
But once I put it on…I actually liked it!

So thank you for pushing me out of my own comfort zone. 🙂
I hope I can now return the favor.

Improving Me Assignment For Day 20:

1 -Use on inspiration outfit to create a new outfit for you

2 -Try the 5 Minute Method (if you haven’t already)

3 -Step out of your comfort zone and just try on an outfit



  1. I created 2 boards on Pinterest–1 for outfits that I just love, and the other for outfits I can (mostly) create using what I have in my closet. Like you, I might not have the exact same item or color, but I see how I CAN use what I have to achieve a similar look. It has opened up such possibilities for my wardrobe! I especially appreciate this entry in your series b/c it validates what I’ve been trying to do. Thank you! 🙂

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