Improving Me in 2013: Day 19 {Accessory Tip: Scarves}

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I’ve had a few of you ask how to wear scarves,
so I thought I would share some tips.

Scarves can be a great accessory in any season.

In the colder months.
 the best scarves to wear are usually chunkier and made from warmer materials
like cashmere or wool.

 If you need a little help with your winter scarves,
I found a great site that shows you
 how to tie and wear four popular styles.

In the spring and summer months, you will see more scarves 
made from lighter materials and usually have more colorful patterns.

I am always looking for some great tips on how to tie scarves.
Because let’s face it… sometimes trying to recreate a fancy way to tie a
scarf makes you feel like you need to go to Scarf Tying 101. 

Since there is no actual class, I found a video that may be the next best thing.
You learn how to tie 4 scarves 16 different ways!
Yea, I know. This is gold!

 The most important thing I want to teach you about scarves

is to not be scared to wear them.
Don’t let a little piece of fabric intimidate you.
Right now is a great time to try wearing a scarf
because it’s very practical and common place in winter.
It’s cold. Scarves are warm. Simple.

The more you practice now, the easier it will get
and the more comfortable you will feel.
And who knows, 
maybe scarves will become a fun accessory that you adore! 🙂 

Tomorrow, I am going to bring some of my outfit inspirations
to life on a real person.

Improving Me Assignment For Day 19:

1 -Watch the video or visit the site on tying scarves

2 -Grab a scarf and practice a few different ties

3 -Note any scarves you would like to add to your wardrobe

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  1. I have three go to ways that i teach all my clients..AND I never let an appointment pass without including or begging them to buy a scarf. You are right…DON’T BE INTIMIDATED! They can seem so complicated, right? but they SO aren’t and they just take a simple outfit to a stylish level! First time popping by from Sunday Linkup at BonBon Rose Girls…Will follow along with some social to keep connected:) I have a fun fashion linkup on Mondays with a few other bloggers that might be up our alley! Happy Tuesday! C

  2. I used to think I wasn’t a “scarf person”–but honestly, once I learned I got hooked. I live on an island now and it’s too hot to use them, but I would seriously wear one every day if I could! Great video. 🙂

  3. Love your blog! And this post about watching the video and trying the scarf ties at the same time is great. I have watched several scarf-tying videos without trying the ties simultaneously and the tips go in one ear and out the next. When I get ready to wear a scarf again, I revert to my old familiar ways of tying it because I can’t remember how to do the techniques in the video. Practice makes perfect. Going to try this!!

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