Improving Me in 2013: Day 18 {Finding Your Perfect Jeans}

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Oh, a woman’s quest to find those perfect pair of jeans.
Sometimes is may feel like you are on an impossible mission.

 First and most important, I want you to realize you are not alone

Most women don’t just run into the store and find the perfect pair.
And please remember….

With that said, I hope to give you some helpful suggestions in finding your favorite pair. 

 Try some jeans on, then try some more.
According to Stacy London from TLC’s What Not To Wear,
the average woman will have to try on at least 20 pairs of jeans
before they find the perfect pair. For some it may even be 40 pairs!
Just keep trying until you are happy!

Pocket placement is so important. 
To avoid the dreaded “long butt” syndrome, 
select jeans that have pockets that start a little below the top of your butt.
You want the pocket to end an inch or so below your butt.
This pocket placement trick will shorten your butt dramatically~in a good way!
Also avoid diagonal pockets, instead look for rear pockets that 
go straight down with no curve to the side.

Size doesn’t matter, fit does.
It’s all about the right fit. 
If you think you are a size 8, but a size 12 pair of jeans fits~buy it.
No one is going to tackle you on the street to read your size label. 🙂

Investing may be best.
I’m not saying to buy the most expensive pair you can find,
I am suggesting to maybe look at a higher price bracket than you usually buy.
I suggest trying Express (sometimes they have buy one get one half off sales) and The Buckle.
A good, quality pair of jeans can last you for years.
I think we could all agree that our favorite jeans are,
dare I say it…priceless!

Improving Me Assignment For Day 18:

1 -Remember finding a good pair of jeans takes patience

2 -Try some different stores from where you usually shop

3- Don’t look at the size label 🙂


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