Improving Me in 2013: Day 17 {Shopping Tips}

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Today I wanted to share some shopping tips with you.
Five to be exact.

Tip 1~ Know Your Needs
 I have been asking you to keep track and note any 
missing pieces you would like to add to your wardrobe.
Why? Because when you know exactly what you are shopping for
you shop with purpose and you’ll spend less.
And you won’t end up with 5 black shirts!


Tip 2 ~ Quality over Quantity 
Even though we want to spend less on our wardrobe
sometimes spending a little more on a quality item will give you years of wear in return.
Jody left me a comment mentioning a staple that she loves in her wardrobe…a black cashmere sweater.
She bought it 11 years ago on sale for $60. 
Her quality purchase averages out to less than $5.50 per year of wear. 
Not to bad for cashmere. 🙂

Tip 3 ~  Keep A Good Ratio
When shopping, think about having three times as many tops as bottoms–
basically the same ration you see when you’re shopping in clothing stores.
Why? As a general rule, no one usually remembers your pants because 
we mostly associate with people from the waist up.
I also suggest keeping a ration of 70-30 for basic timeless, solid pieces
to novelty, trendy pieces.
This way, you keep your wardrobe easier to mix and match.

Tip 4 ~ Don’t Buy Without A Try
Don’t buy your clothes in a hurry.
You will end up with a bunch of clothes in your closet
that don’t fit and an empty clothes budget.
Spend some extra time trying them on in the store.
Only buy what you truly love. 🙂

and finally

Tip 5 ~ Feel Free
 Feel free to not shop at any store that has clothes that don’t fit you.
Feel free to skip out on any trend that doesn’t suit you or your body type.
Feel free to part with expensive items from your closet that you never wear.
Feel free to keep any item you really love even though it’s not trending.
Feel free to wait for clearance sales (I do!).
Feel free to shop around, take your time and try on 50 pieces 
looking for that one perfect item.

You deserve to feel like a million bucks in your clothes.
Sometimes it may take a little more effort to get there, but you are worth it!

Tomorrow we will be talking about jeans and how to avoid ‘mom jeans’. 🙂

Improving Me Assignment For Day 17:

1 -Make a list of the missing items in your wardrobe, keep it with you

2 -Remember that it may take awhile to find a piece you really love


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