Improving Me in 2013: Day 16 {The 5-Minute Wardrobe Method}

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Now that you have seen how the pieces of the collection
can create some fun and fast outfits,
I wanted to share with you the method I 
used to assemble all my outfit combinations.

I introduce to you…The 5 Minute Wardrobe Method.

This method is the key to getting ready fast.
And that’s why I suggested to organize your closet into
those three categories for an even faster morning routine.

With the method in mind and your newly organized closet,
you can easily put together a stylish outfit without much effort.
Thus fooling everyone to think you spent hours getting ready! 🙂

You can actually see this method applied on models.
Yep, that’s right, I said models. 

Like for example, this Banana Republic model…

The basic white jean goes great with the patterned blouse.
A great navy jacket completes the look. The bag, shoes and scarf finish the outfit.

This Gap model has a great outfit too…

 Some boyfriend jeans, paired with a strip shirt and nice cardigan.
Add a belt and a scarf and you’re ready to go!

 And you’ve seen this Garnet Hill model before…

A fun pair of colored jeans, a colorful staple and 
a lovely jacket to complete the look. 
Great pop of color in accessories with the red shoes.

This new method is going to be your best friend every morning!
 Tomorrow, I will show you how to use this method when shopping. 🙂

Improving Me Assignment For Day 16:

1 -Try out the method with your current wardobe

2 -Practice by creating three outfits 

3 -Think about how this method could apply to shopping for clothes



  1. Perhaps this has been asked and I missed it, but… There is no way I can survive during the summer with any ‘completer pieces’ on. What do you recommend for host regions?

    Also, skinny jeans scare me, I am worried they will make my mid section look disproportionately big… Advice?

    Love all the fashion guidance you are sharing, I need the help!

  2. Love your fashion advice! I think the formula method is really helpful to busy women who are often too overwhelmed to take time to take time out for themselves. 🙂

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