Improving Me in 2013: Day 15 {I Must Ask}

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Today is officially the half way point of the series. 
And before I continue on with the last fifteen days
I wanted to check in with you. 

 But now, I mustache you a few questions! 😉

I want to make sure and address any issues you might have.
So I will start the conversation rolling by asking you a few,
then you can answer these questions or voice your own.
Sound good?

1) Is there a certain item of clothing or perhaps a trend you would like to wear,
but don’t know how? Maybe I could give you some inspiration. 🙂

2) Where do you like to shop for clothes? Do you have a favorite brand?

3) When was the last time you purchased a piece of clothing or accessory
for yourself? (And no, shopping for the kids doesn’t count!)

4) Is there an item that is particular hard for you to find that fits your body well?

5) Your turn, got a question for me or about this series?


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  1. ScArves, I love them on others but hate them on me. What should I wear them with, how should I wear them. What basic scarves should I purchase?

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