Improving Me in 2013: Day 11 {Cleaning The Closet}

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Now that you have seen my collection of all 44 pieces,
it’s time to clean our closets.

You knew this part was coming right?
That’s why each day in the assignments I asked you
to search through your clothes to know what you have, 
what’s missing and what you need to buy.

The best way to have a 5-minute wardrobe is 
to know what is in your closet and where to find it.

Sounds simple enough, right?

To start the process,
 look at each item and ask yourself these five questions:

1) Do I absolutely love it?

2) Does it fit me now?

3) Is it a wardrobe stable?

4) Is it flattering on my body?

5) Is it in great condition with no damage or stains?

If you answered no to any one of the above questions,
move that item to the sell/donate/trash pile.

Did I just hear a gasp?
Listen, why keep hanging clothes in your closet that 
just take up space and rob you from having the wardrobe 
you have always dreamed of?

Now that we know what’s in our closet,
let’s talk about where to put it.

It seems that tons of people ask, 
do you organize by color or garment?
My answer: both!

I suggest to organize your clothes into three categories: basics,
staples and your ‘complete the look’ pieces.
Once you have them gathered into these sections,
then organize them by color.

Putting an outfit together in the morning is now going to be 
as easy as 1, 2, 3. 🙂

Improving Me Assignment For Day 11:

1 -Decide on the number of items you want to keep

2 -Examine your items using the five questions above

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