Improving Me in 2013: Day 10 {The Accessories}

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Accessories are the frosting on the cake.
A few of these added to any outfit can instantly make you look like
you have spent more money and time getting dressed.
These are a few of my favorite accessories…

You can always add more if you like, 
these are just my must-haves in a basic wardrobe.

A little more detail about each:

-Scarf {Colorful}
Instant way to add some color and detail to an outfit
choose fun, playful colors 🙂

-Hobo Handbag {Neutral Color}
Choose a large hold everything bag for all your daily errands 

-Loop Earrings
Look for an 1.5″ diameter, flatters most and is not to showy

-Long Necklace
Pretty, simple, delicate and ladylike~goes with everything

-Nude Nail Polish {Essie Naked Nails}
A great neutral color to keep your hands looking polished

-Belts {Skinny and Wide}
 Add instant structure to any outfit, not to mention
great way to define your waist 🙂

Here’s a fun little fact:
Suze Oreman only owns one pair of earrings.
Yep. She may have 3 houses but only one set of earrings.
The point being:
don’t feel that you have to buy every jewelry trend that comes along.
Know what you like and dislike 
and only buy what you know you will actually wear. 

My go-to earrings are my silver hoops. 
I wear them about 80% off the time.
They go with every outfit I own and I like the look of them.

I also have a long silver necklace that is my absolute favorite.
I wear it with everything.
I thought I broke it when visiting friends in Chicago.
But my awesome friend Nirma saved the day and fixed it for me!
(And yes, we love our striped shirts!) 🙂

And don’t forget the best accessory of all…

Improving Me Assignment For Day 10:

1 -Check to see if you own any of the above accessories

2 -Note what’s missing and decide if you would like to add it

3 -Note what accessories you actually wear

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