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I’m Back!!

I realize it has been awhile since I have posted any new blogs. I am sorry. In my defense… my holiday had some unexpected twists and turns. But, I am back and ready to share once again.

For Christmas this year my husband surprised me with an I-pod. I was excited because now I would have music to listen to while I workout at the gym. Now, my husband goes to the gym faithfully 3 times a week. Me…not so much. I have good intentions, but I also have good excuses! But surprisingly I have found a different use for my I-pod.

Every night after I tuck myself into bed, I plug in my I-pod with one-ear bud (need to leave one ear open to hear baby) and listen to pod casts of Joel Osteen. And I have found this to be a very peaceful way to end my day. As I listen to him speak, I feel encouragement and hope for a better tomorrow. I try to let his words fill my mind and soul so that when I awake I might be better person than I was before. A better wife, a better mother, a better daughter, a better sister and above all a better Christian.

So, I still do plan to use my I-pod to exercise my body, but for now I have discovered, it’s exercising my soul.

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