IKEA: FREE Couches!!!

Two years ago, I was so excited to here that Denver was finally going to get an IKEA!! I had heard bloggers speak of the wonders of this store! But I was never able to touch and see for myself….but I will be able to soon!! (cue: little squeal)

The IKEA in Denver will open on this Wednesday, July 27!! I know that I am super excited but apparently not as excited as some people…

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Crazy!! These people started setting up tents to wait in line for two days! I guess the first 38 people in line get a FREE couch! (This is the 38th IKEA store in the United States, which explains the unusual number.) The next 100 in line get a FREE arm chair!! And the first 100 kids in line get a FREE special plush toy!
Well…now that I know that…I need to go find my tent!! 🙂 
Would you what in line for two days for a free couch? Do you have an IKEA nearby? Do you love it??


  1. I wish we had an Ikea on Maui, it was my favorite store when I was living in California. I don’t know that I would camp out for a free couch though hahaha..

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