I Finished It Friday: My Guest Bedroom


Happy Friday! You have finally made it to the end of the week!! My week has been totally different….my sister is visiting. We have done lots of shopping and lots of staying up late (insert yawn). But it has been a nice change to my normal, everyday routine.

I have been so excited to show you my finished guest room! Which I might add, I finished in the nick of time. My sister is here now and the day she leaves, we have friends arriving for a week visit. So my guest room will be getting lots of use these next few weeks. I am glad it is ready to shine and welcome all who enter!

This is a view of the room from the doorway. From here you can see the bed and the desk.

This wall has the new desk along with the newly redone bookcases. As you know, I built the desk from scratch and the bookcases used to be dark brown. 

I felt that the wall above the desk was missing something and I was right! I like to call this area my “Inspiration Wall”. (It’s fitting for me, don’t you think?!) To create this special area,  I simply placed quotes I love on my newly built Ballard Designs shelves. These shelves are identical to the ones I built in my kitchen, expect they are longer and painted white. 

I wanted to show you a couple of my favorite inspirational quotes that are featured on my wall. Like…this one on courage…

And this quote, which is a good reminder on how we should look at our lives…
I love this inspirational eye chart that I made! (If you want, you can make your own eye chart here). And just for fun, the first person that leaves a comment below telling me correctly what my eye chart says will win a $5 Starbucks gift card! 🙂
Now, let’s take a peak at the bed area…
I found this bedding on sale at Pottery Barn! I think it is a perfect compliment to the wall color and adds a beautiful calming blue to the room. Oh, and I love the stripes! How fun!
A little close up of the bedding so you can see the yummy colors…
I think my new artwork looks rather nicely above the new bedding. Love, Laugh and Live. Well said. Such an easy project if you would like to make your own,

I think this room has turned out great. Would you like a good before and after…then you are in luck!
This desk wall before…
And now (drum roll, please)….
A view of the opposite wall before…
And now…
You like? Me too! And I hope my guests will too!! 🙂 T.G.I.F.


  1. Hi again Laura – I just wanted you to know that yesterday I spent all afternoon looking at your website – you have created some beautiful rooms and you have a really great ‘eye’ for design 🙂 I thoroughly enjoyed myself 🙂 Love your ‘New Uses’ section too – a brilliant idea and very very useful for others. I shall look forward to seeing anything else you create – so I hope I am now on your ‘list’ of people that you send emails to advising what your next creation is? Thank you once again for making me a ‘happy chappy’ – take care and happy creating 🙂

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