How’s Your Lawn Lookin’??

My lawn is looking pretty rough. See….

This area of our grass has been slowly dying over the years.  I believe the cause is that our trees in the back of our yard are getting bigger  and wider. They are starting to block more and more water from the back sprinklers. Leaving this grass with the most sun and the least water. Not a good combination! So how does one solve this problem???
Let me introduce you to Scotts Turf Builder EZ Seed!!  This product is guaranteed to grow grass in the toughest of areas! Even on cement!! And they say it will grow grass that is 50% thicker with half the water!! So, I am putting this stuff to the test! Today,  I found a 2.0 lb. container priced at Lowes for $9.97. And with the $5.00 coupon from HERE, I only paid $4.97! 

A greener, thicker lawn with half the water for only $4.97!! Now that’s what I call a bargain! I will be keeping you updated on my lawns progress. Grow grass, grow!!
Oh, and by the way. No one is paying me to promote this product. I wish they were!! So if you are reading this and are with The Scotts Company, let’s talk!! 

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