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How Much Did I Save This Christmas?

I was able to provide an awesome Christmas this year because of all the great sales and mostly thanks to Amazon!! I was able to snag Amazon Prime shipping for free for 3 months! So I didn’t pay for shipping on anything I purchased!! And I mean anything, even if I bought from some other store, if I couldn’t get free shipping, I didn’t buy it!! If you are interested in getting Amazon Prime shipping free for 3 months, go here and follow the steps exactly! It’s a great deal!! Thanks Hip2Save!

I kept a running totally for all my family members that I purchased for. But since I am going to post this for all to see, I am not going to list how much I spent on them, just my son. A girl has to have some secrets!! Let me just say that I even surprised myself with how much I was able to buy for so little! Sebastian’s purchases were by far the most impressive though, so I am glad I can share those with you!!


Toys R Us games:
Reg. $62.95 payed $18.55

Brainy Baby Games
Reg. $52.94 payed $23.82

Amazon Leap Frog Phonics Writing Desk
Reg. $29.99 payed $14.99

Target Alphabet Caterpillar
Reg. 19.99 payed .49 cents
Reg. 19.99 payed .49 cents
Reg. 19.99 payed .49 cents Total $1.58

Best Buy DVD and Plush Toy
Elmo Potty Time
Reg. 9.99 Toy 6.99 = 16.98 paid $5.04
Elmo Bedtime Stories
Reg. 9.99 Toy 6.99 = 16.98 paid $FREE

Basketball Over-the-door Game
Reg. 25.00 Paid $19.99

Gap Shirt
Re. 12.50 paid

Hooked On Phonics
Reg. 132.80 paid

Holiday Tickle Elmo
Reg. 35.50 paid

Doug and Melissa Toy
Reg. 19.99 paid $9.99

V-Tech Kids Smile Motion Game
Reg. 69.99 paid $24.99

V-Tech Kids Games
Reg. 24.99 + 24.99 = 49.98 paid $7.98

Little People Toys
Reg. 52.97 paid

Total Spent for Sebastian Reg. $638.54, but I only paid $190.79!!

That’s a savings of $447.75!!! That’s around 70%!!! Not to bad!!

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