Hello IKEA! Where Have You Been All My Life?!

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a great Tuesday! I am having a great week because my sister is here visiting me and yesterday we took a special trip. That’s right, we went to the new IKEA in Denver!!

I have to tell you, at first, my sister and I thought we were attending a Bruce Springsteen concert or something. As you start to approach the store there were traffic cones and security officers directing your every move. Crazy! Oh, and tons of people. Tons!

The first level we saw was the showroom floor. And I found tons of goodies!

I thought this red wire bowl was pretty cool. I later found some matching candle stick holders. Wouldn’t work in my house, but still very cool


My sister and I both liked the idea of the bar system. I think the perfect combination of this system would be the bar with 3 hanging pots. It would look beautiful on the wall above my kitchen sink. Maybe on the next trip, those items will sneak into my bag!

I sent my husband this picture and told him, “Look out baby…cause this light is coming home!” I was kidding though because that light is huge and I doesn’t really go with our house. But I think it’s the coolest!

I also found some awesome things for the kids rooms…

Loved these shelves…you can hang them straight or on a slant. I prefer the slant look..
I have said for years that girls always have the more cute stuff…like in clothes and room decorations. And this item just proves that once again…
Aren’t these the coolest flower lights you have ever seen?! I know…but for a little boys room…oh no. Not so much. But I did find him a very cool light….because I love him to the moon and back…
I came home and installed it right away so my light guy could have his moon light for bedtime….and I love it.

And the best part…he loves it too! 

I also picked up two chairs to put in my new guest room. I can’t wait to show you all the progress I have made in there. This Friday is the big reveal day! 🙂
All in all it was a very fun day. I was amazed by all that I saw and just the enormous size of IKEA. I didn’t get a chance to try there famous meatballs. But I hope to go back again…soon!


  1. I love IKEA. I’m going to have to go soon to see all the new stuff from the 2012 catalogue. I’m eventually going to put up one of those fancy moon lights too! It looks really cute in his room.

  2. There was an IKEA when I lived in Chicago, but never went. West Tennessee there was not one near, now in North Shore Louisiana not one near. So jealous, love that moon light.

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