Headboard and Footboard Almost Done!!


Today was a pretty productive day even though my husband was gone most of the day to a seminar. Sebastian and I went to Home Depot (again!!) this morning to return some things I bought the day before that didn’t workout and to get some more wood! I have to say that I have started enjoying the visits to the lumber yard at Home Depot.  The reason being… there are some might good lookin’ men working there!!

After we stopped by home to drop off the wood, we headed up the the mountains to a nice park we like to visit! We played and enjoyed the cool morning weather in the beautiful mountains!! We then returned home for lunch. And then it was time for a nap for Sebastian and some building time for me!! 

I was able to fix a few mistakes from yesterday and get the biggest part of the head board and the foot board completed. (pictured above) I just need to put on the tops! Hopefully tomorrow….we will be much closer to the sanding process!!


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