Happy Mother’s Day!

My mother and father in their younger years.
As you may know, today is Mother’s Day. And I would like to wish all mother’s a very Happy Mother’s Day! But I would also like to honor women that are not necessarily biological mothers.
All women have an amazing influence when they devote their lives to the betterment of others. Whether it be through your compassion, your service, your guidance, your nurturing. You make a unforgettable stamp on the hearts of many. 

I know many incredible women, some that will be reading this, that may not have children of their own but have enriched and blessed more children’s lives than any mother could ever dream to do.

Every kind, unselfish act, no matter how small, it all matters. Please know that you are a beautiful blessing to all those around you. 

A Beautiful. Blessing.

My beautiful blessing.

It is a privilege and an honor to be a mother. And I can not express to you in words the gratitude I feel for this gift I have been given. Well, maybe one word….priceless.

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