Hair Stylists Can’t Work Magic

I have an appointment today
for a haircut and highlight.

 I have been going to the same 

stylist, Tina, for about 10 years now.
I have followed her to at least 3 different locations.
Luckily she hasn’t ever moved to far away.
She is super sweet and always does
a wonderful job.
I on the other hand,
am probably her worst nightmare.
Alright, worst is probably a bit much.
(I am super sweet and not a bad tipper.)
But I am sure she probably laughs
every time she looks down and sees
her next appointment is me.

You see, 
I am one of those people.
You know,
the ‘never knows what to do with their hair
but always hopes their stylist will
magically make them into a celebrity in an hour’ people!
Have you heard of them?
That’s me.

I always take a picture to Tina and
say, ‘Can you get me to look like this?’
 This picture was for my last visit.

She says sure, but when I leave,
I don’t look like Rachel McAdams. What gives? 🙂

I have had a few different hairstyles
or the years.
I changed my hair drastically when
I tried this hair cut…

But I actually got lots of compliments. (That was nice.)

I then wanted the more wavy look,
so I again asked Tina to work her magic…

 I liked it, but I never could get it
to look the way Tina did it. Boo.

So today, I have a picture for her, once again…

You think maybe this time the magic will happen?
Poor Tina, 
thanks for putting up with me dear.

Am I the only lady out there who wants their stylist to 
magically transform them?
Please tell me I am not alone.


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