Guest Post: Top 5 Ways To Go Pink

Today’s guest post is brought to you by Pamela from Pamela’s Pen.

Top 5 Ways To Go Pink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the month we wear pink. Cancer is a sad and scary word to some children.  Other children have no idea what cancer is.  How do you
explain Breast cancer to your children?  

When I asked my son, he  told me it is cancer in your breasts and cancer is a disease that can kill people.  He has a pretty good understanding of it.  I just elaborated a little bit and explained that cancer is an evil disease that attacks the good cells in your breast tissue.  It makes tumors or lumps and it can spread to the rest of your body if it is not treated.  That’s why it is so important that women have Mammograms, X-rays of their breasts, to make sure they don’t have any lumps that they can’t feel.

Pink is the female color. It is happy, hopeful and peaceful. Pink is the color of a happy child’s cheeks after they have been playing outside.  It is the opposite of cancer’s sad color.  Pink has been designated the color of Breast Cancer Awareness.  It gives us hope for a tomorrow and help for today.  Pink is a symbol of unified strength and a fight against breast cancer. It brings us all together – whether we have cancer or not.
What is your family doing to honor Breast Cancer?  Here are 5 ways to go pink this month:
1.    Designate 1 day of the week to wear pink. Even though pink may not be your child’s favorite color, if they know the significance of the color, they will be more likely to wear it.  Try starting small, have them wear pink socks or a pink bracelet.
2.    Volunteer: Find a local Walk for the Cure or other Breast Cancer walk that the whole
family can participate in.

3.    Send flowers to a loved one, friend or family member with breast cancer.  If you don’t know anyone, ask your pastor or teacher at school.
4.    Have a pink team: Ask your coach if your soccer or football team can wear pink t-shirts for 1 game.
5.    Support a unique Breast Cancer Fundraiser: My son’s Karate academy participated in Board Breaking for a Cure.  They sold pine boards for $5, let people decorate them, then the students broke the boards at a local fall festival.  They raised over $1500!
Looking for more ways to get involved, see the schedule
of daily events at Susan G Komen for the cure:
For more information:

Author Bio: Pam works full-time at The Seacoast’s Leading Hospital as an MRI Technologist. She has a smart and handsome 8 year old son, a husband who claims the same, 3 dogs, 3 cats, 8 guinea hens, 7 chickens, 2 red-eared sliders, 2 crested geckos and multiple dust bunnies. In her spare time, she loves to read to her son and have him read to her. 

Pam’s Pen is the place to glean creative information on raising our school-aged children, working full time and writing inspirational stories for children.

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  1. Thank you for this inspiration, Pamela! If it weren’t for early detection by mom Mom’s wonderful doctor, she would not be here with me today! I promise to go pink today!

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