Guest Bedroom/Office Makeover: Curtains and Sconces


So…there have been a few big changes to the guest bedroom, office makeover.

guest bedroom office makeover project

I finally hung some curtains. Oh ya…some progress!

new curtains in the bedroom

I have always loved the look of curtains hanging on rings. To me, it looks so classy. But most rings that you can buy have clips attached to them…those I don’t like. I don’t want to see the clip so I figured out how to hang them clipless. (Yes, that is totally a word.) 😉

how to hang curtains on rings without clips

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I first measured out my curtain and spaced each drapery hook about 8-9 inches apart. Then I inserted the hooks.

how to hang curtains on rings with no clips

Next, I removed the clips from all the rings and then attached the rings directly on to the hooks.

I’m using leftover rods from the previous owners but I want to replace the finials for the ends. So that’s still on the to do list. But overall ….I am liking the new look. By the way…these Pottery Barn curtains are on sale right now. (I love a good sale!)

new curtains in guest bedroom-office makeover

New curtains is not all that has changed in this room…I also have some new lights! If you follow me on Instagram, you got to see a sneak peek yesterday.

sconces over daybed in guest bedroom-office makeover

Confession, these actually sconces are not new. I had them in my previous home and you may even remember them from my sons bedroom makeover. I dug them out of storage in the basement and picked up some new lampshades from my favorite place….Target. I think they’re absolutely perfect for this space. They give the room a whole new look and I’m not even finished yet!

daybed with sconces in guest bedroom makeover

I ordered a bed skirt…finally got a coupon for 20% off. 🙂 So hopefully that will be in the room next week. I still haven’t ordered my chair…kinda waiting for a sale there too.

I don’t have anything to vote on this week…just thought I would share a little how-to tutorial on the curtains today. I will be back next week though and then I will be needing your vote for sure!

Learn how to hang curtains on rings with NO clips. Super easy tutorial.

Just for fun….remember how the room looked when I began this project?

guest bedroom office makeover project before

It’s coming along, don’t ya think?

daybed with sconces in guest bedroom makeover

I may have to tell my hubby he gets the bed to himself and I’ll start sleeping in here!  Na….I like him too much.


  1. Wow, that looks amazing!! I love when you can use a room for multiple purposes, and still have it look great! Thank you for sharing with us at the #HomeMattersParty

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