Guess What? I’m In The Bloglight!

Hi everyone! Today is a happy day because I’m in the Bloglight with Hometalk!

For all of you who are wondering what the heck this all means, let me explain.
Hometalk is a wonderful website where you can share your home-related projects, 
ask home-related questions and see tons of decorating and project inspiration.
And just so you know, this site in not exclusive to bloggers.
Anyone can upload and share their fabulous projects!

Miriam, the awesome Director of Community Development at Hometalk,
sent over a few questions for me to answer. 
So grab your coffee, find a seat and let’s start chatting!

  I started learning about the blogging world when I quit
my job teaching Kindergarten to stay home with my son.
From my high school years through college I had always been
extremely busy with both studying and working full time.
Now for the first time in my adult life, I was at home with no “job” and no paycheck.

In search of some financial help, I began to stumble upon coupon blogs and started
to study them religiously that I might learn the ways of the savvy coupon mom! 🙂

I then had an idea that I could start my own coupon saving blog.
So in December of 2009, Inspiration for Moms was born.
After a year or so, I quickly realized that there were tons
of blogs competing in the coupon saving area and I really wasn’t
that excited about telling you were you could save $.50 on toilet paper.

About that same time I stumbled on to blog called Ana White.
This lady was amazing!
She built her own furniture with her own plans, I was in complete awe.
I thought, if she can do it…why not me?
From then on I was hooked and Inspiration for Moms took 
a sharp turn into the world of DIY and home decorating.
And let me just say if you are still following my blog for
coupons and money saving deals, God bless you!

Building projects and redecorating my home
has brought out a woman in me that I never new existed.
Did I scream the first time I turned on my electrical miter saw?
Of course, that thing is loud!
But I have learned that once you get past that first initial greeting,
you can build some pretty amazing things together! 🙂

I wanted my blog to be a positive, encouraging place for my readers.
I hope to help others discover their hidden talents by being their constant cheerleader!
At the time I was deciding on my name, I thought I would be talking mostly to moms.
But I have discovered over the years that Inspiration for Moms
probably should have been named Inspiration for Everyone. 🙂

Blogging for me definitely started out as a hobby, 
but it has evolved our the years into my full time job.
I think it officially happened the day I looked at my husband and said,
“It’s a job now, isn’t it?” I got the nod.

Although my highest-priority is to be stay-at-home mom for my son, Sebastian
And an awesome, supportive wife to my husband, Chris.
My son and hubby will always come first.
But (to be honest), my blog is a very close second. 🙂

The very first project I ever made for my blog was my son’s bed.
It was originally posted back in June of 2010.

I was extremely proud of this project because it was the first thing
I actually built with my own two hands and kept all ten fingers! 🙂

It seems that all my favorite projects (to-date) come from my son’s room.
This year, I remodeled his room by building a pair of built in bookcases 
with a few fun extras touches as well.

Wow! My blog has completely changed me in every sense of the word.
 Before I started blogging I was a lady with no hobbies and no real goals.
 Besides being a good mom and wife, I was at a loss.

Through blogging I have discovered my capabilities.
And with each new project or post I complete, I learn something new.
It has challenged me to keep a constant positive attitude about life
because that’s what I tell my readers to do.
I do have slip ups from time to time when I get discouraged and disappointed.
But that’s when my husband (gently) reminds me to go read my own blog! Ha! 🙂

My blog has been one of my greatest teachers in life.
It’s not only taught me how to use a saw, stain, miter, write and understand HTML.
But also how to be patient, handle criticism, take a compliment,
be grateful for blessings, support and encourage others and to never give up.

  Blogging has shown me that hard work and determination is rewarding.
It has blessed me with such awesome readers that make
me so happy to get up in the morning and turn on my laptop.
I feel a connection to the world and I have never felt more purpose for my life.
For all of this, I have my blogging to thank. 


My most popular project ever has been my DIY fence flower pots.

I was lucky to have Miriam feature it on the Hometalk facebook page
where it got a lot of lovely compliments. 🙂

My absolute favorite posts to read or write are tutorials.
Don’t get me wrong, I love a good before and after room remodel.
But I really want to know the details of how you did it.
And the more it’s made or created by your hands, the more impressed I am.
Another reason I like tutorials is because I want to empower others and hopefully
encourage them to jump out of their comfort zone and try something new.

My favorite tutorial post was my Ballard Designs inspired Laundry Drying Rack.

I really wanted this rack for my laundry room but it was just too expensive.
So I made my own and now I use it almost every week. 
I love the fact that I have also helped others build one too. So cool.
Love being a blogger!

Oh man, where do I start?
The list could go on for days, but I will narrow it down to three tips.

First, you will have to learn how to be a professional photographer.
No one says that, but it is so true and so necessary.
I know what you are thinking, no wait…I just want to blog.
Blogging and photography go together like peanut butter and jelly.
And if one of them tastes weird, the whole thing is off. Just sayin’.

I am still learning in this area and really need to get both
a better camera and some professional training.
I look back on some of my older posts and it is down right embarrassing, folks!

Second, know the main topic of your blog really well.
That first year I spent flopping around in the coupon blogging world
sometimes feels like a waste of time to me.
I have often wondered, where my blog would be today if I had known
what my main topic was from day one.

Give a lot of thought to what you want your blog to be about.
Research other bloggers you admire. 
Ask yourself what you like about their blog and what keeps you 
coming back time after time?
Discover the answer, make it uniquely you and go for it.

Lastly, don’t compare your blog. Don’t you dare!
I am telling you this because I have and it sucks. It’s not helpful.
We each have our own journey and it will happen for 
all of us at the perfect time.
Comparing will only discourage you, steal your joy and motivation
and leave you depressed.
Again, I am speaking from personal experience here.

I want to thank Miriam and Hometalk for giving me this awesome opportunity to be in the Bloglight!
It was fun to reflect back on my blogging journey. 🙂


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