Great Deals on Lunch Totes at Target!

Today I was shopping at Target and I found a pretty good deal on lunch totes in the back to school section. Most of the totes where marked down from $12.99 to $9.00 and they had extra tags on them that read special savings inside. 

I looked inside the lunch tote and found a coupon booklet along with an offer for a 6-months subscription to Parents magazine for FREE. But, if you don’t want the free subscription you can choose to get a money back rebate of $4.96!! All you need to do is write the word “REFUSED” on the offer and mail it in with your original receipt! They will then mail you a check for $4.96!

So that makes a $12.99 tote, only $4.04 after discounts and the rebate!! And if you can find some cheaper lunch totes, you may be able to turn this deal into a moneymaker!

There are many styles and assortments to choose from. My son liked the animal styles which inlcuded a frog, an elephant, and a puppy dog. And as you can see, he liked the puppy dog the best!

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