Goodbye Soda, Hello Bigelow Tea!

My name is Laura and I have a confession. I drink soda.
There I said it and I don’t feel any better. 🙂
If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I struggle in this area.
I go through long periods of time (like over 6 months) where
I won’t even touch the stuff. Have no desire.
But then there are months when I am drinking it daily.
Like recently, each afternoon I am reaching for my soda fix. 
I knew deep down that I really needed to find a more healthy, natural go-to drink.
So, I decided to reach for herbal teas as my soda replacement.

I picked up little man after school one day last week 
and we went to Walmart to buy some of my favorite Bigelow Tea
to help me kick my bad habit.

I like Bigelow Teas because they have so many varieties and use quality ingredients.
The first ingredient listed is tea and then whatever flavor you are drinking.
How simple and healthy is that?!
Bigelow also packs their teas in individual flavor-protecting envelopes that help the tea
to taste great and stay fresh longer. Love that!
That alone is a reason I choose Bigelow Teas. 
My old brand of tea never did that and it makes a huge difference! 🙂

I decided on two different types of green teas — Mint and Pomegranate. 
And then for more caffeine, I picked two black teas — Cinnamon Stick and Chai Tea.
I plan to use the more caffeinated teas in the morning when
I really struggle to wake up and get my kid ready for school.

So far the switch hasn’t been that hard.
I am really liking my new go-to beverage and I feel really good about drinking it
once I researched all the health benefits of tea.
Did you know that black teas help keep your breath smelling sweet?
They have a powerful antioxidant called polyphenol that helps 
stop plague from clinging to your teeth.
Black tea can also help prevent belly fat before it starts! 
But I’m not stopping there because green tea also has some 
awesome health benefits like being an effective cancer fighter.
There have also been studies that have shown drinking tea
 can protect against heart disease and Alzheimer’s. 

So my typical day with tea goes something like this:
First thing in the morning while I am making little man’s lunch,
I make me some Chia Tea in my favorite tea cup!  
It’s warm and has a pretty good amount of caffeine to get my body moving!

Then during the day I’ve been trying to drink more water. 
But after dinner it’s time to unwind with some more of my favorite tea.
I grab my laptop, a mini bowl of chocolate chips and a cup of Cinnamon Stick Tea.
It’s a sweet healthy treat, after a long day.
(Hey, I said I was cutting out the soda. I didn’t say anything about chocolate!)

The more tea I drink, the better I feel.

Do you have the “daily soda” addiction like me? 
Visit the Bigelow Blog and see if you can discover some new yummy 
tea varieties that may help you break that soda habit.
I’m pretty sure your body will thank you. 🙂


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