Giveaway: Miracle-Gro Expand ‘n Go Concentrated Planting Mix

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The weather has been absolutely gorgeous in Colorado! To me, it’s the perfect time for planting flowers and starting this years garden.

I believe in order to have a successful garden and bright, healthy flowers the soil you choose is important. So I wanted to share with a new product from Miracle-Gro.

INTRODUCING . . . (drum roll, please) 


EnG Product Shot.png

Expand ‘n Gro is specially formulated to help you get big, beautiful results anywhere you plant – whether in‐ground or in pots.

So I know you are asking, “How is this any different than my regular planting mix?”  It is a unique blend of Miracle‐Gro plant food and coconut coir fiber. You got  a compact, lightweight, easy‐to‐carry and easy‐to‐store bag of Expand ‘n Gro that can do everything a big, heavy bag of soil can do, only better. This concentrated planting mix expands up to 3 times when mixed with water, feeds plants for up to 6 months (that’s like the whole summer!), makes native soil more workable and retains up to 50% more moisture than basic potting soil. And you know what that means… saving money on your watering bill, oh yea!

Our soil in Colorado has lots of clay, which makes it extremely hard to grow anything! If your soil is the same, this product would be a great addition to your native soil.

 I can’t wait to use my FREE sample of Expand ‘n Gro™ in my flower pots this year. My flowers are going to be so big and gorgeous! Whether they’re in the ground or in fence pots, this planting mix is going to work perfectly!

Would you like a chance to try this great planting mix? To get your own FREE sample, leave me a comment. To sweeten your day even more, Miracle-Gro Expand ‘n Gro™has a $3.00 off coupon you can use on your first purchase.

The great people at Miracle-Gro put together a little video to show you how to use Expand ‘n Gro.

So let’s get together and plant some beauty.

And don’t forget, if you would like a FREE sample, just leave me a comment below!


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  1. It’s basically summer in Houston, and my potted plants aren’t potted (or – even purchased). I’d love a sample to inspire me to get my green thumb in gear – wish I’d seen this yesterday, but maybe I’m not too late to enter!

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