Getting To Know Me…

Happy Thursday!! I thought for fun, I would share 10 crazy things about me! This should be interesting…

1.) I read magazines from the back to the front! I don’t know why, just always have done it that way!

2.) I get the chills watching someone brush their teeth!! That sound….gives me the creeps!

3.) I can eat Mexican food everyday of the week! Love it!

4.) I enjoy scary movies, but only in theaters. I love all the tension from other viewers….it makes the movie that much more intense!!

5.) I crashed into a parked car while trying to pull out of a parking space. Oh, did I also mention this was at the same time I was taking my drivers license test?! Yea…needless to say I did not get my license that day!!!

6.) I lived in Kansas City for a year and was scared to death of the rain storms! The lightening and thunder was so crazy, I could never sleep. You Kansas folks are brave!! Oh, and don’t even get me talking about the tornadoes! Yikes!

7. I can’t stand the site of blood. Don’t like to touch it or be near it. Basically, I avoid it at all costs. But, guess what…my job to help me through college was a Certified Nurses Aid!!!

8.) When I get the flu, one of my eyes always weeps. I have now passed that little trait on to my son, apparently!

9.) I have a horrible time recognizing faces! My husband is so scared that when we get old and senile, I will beat him up with my handbag because I don’t recognize him!!

10.) This last one is a risk….I am really sharing here people! About a month ago, Showtime was airing a Twilight marathon. So, I recorded them all. And since then I have been watching lots of Twilight. Like twice a week…okay….three times a week. Okay, you got me….like every night of the week!!! I know…that’s crazy! There’s just nothing good to watch in the summer…so I figure, why not!

And that my dears, is 10 interesting little quirks about me! I hope you got some good laughs and hopefully (fingers crossed), I didn’t send you all running!! 🙂


  1. Hi, I’m a new follower from Blog Hop Friday! I’m looking forward to reading your blog!

  2. 11. I love exclamation points!!!!!

    LOL, totally kidding, but I think there are a lot in there. We have thunderstorms here in MN, but I can imagine they are much more crazy in Kansas. My kids hate them very much. My son always thinks our house is flying…I don’t get it.

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