First Day of Kindergarten

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This date, August 28, will forever be a special day.
 Today my little man is officially a Kindergartener.
We took lots of pictures.
This only will happen once right.
Dad posed with little man as a nervous Kindergartener.
I don’t think Sebastian got the memo though—too excited!
We had to get a picture of his favorite backpack as well…

I am so proud of my little guy.
It’s still hard to believe that he is so grown up.
This past 5 years has just flown by and I wish sometimes 
I could slow it down.
Just one more reminder to live in the moment.
Soak it in.
Drink it up.
Don’t let it pass you by.

Today I am filled with joy.
I never knew one little person could bless my life so much.


  1. Awww! How cute. He looks excited. I know this time in his life can’t be easy for you. I’m dreading it with my little one who is only 3. However, I have a 27 year old, too, and he survived…as did I! 🙂

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