/ / Family …the true meaning of the holidays.

Family …the true meaning of the holidays.

In yesterday’s blog I shared how my husband thought my blog name was funny or at least a little confusing. So after much thought (about 11 hours to be exact) I decided to tweak my name just a little. And I have to say, I like it much better. Alright, I’ll say it…my husband was right, but just this once!!

Now, let’s get on with my thought for the day. My husband had some out of town family visiting this week. We all spent time talking, laughing, eating and of course, playing Wii. On several occasions, my husband would stop and say, “It feels like Christmas.” Everyone would laugh and joke, “Well, if it’s Christmas, where are our presents?”

But I totally understood what my husband was saying.

Family is what makes the holidays so magical. Everyone has their own unique characteristics that makes them special. (Can be a good special or a weird special, either way…they are special!) But when someone is missing, the holidays just aren’t the same.

So make sure this holiday, you let your family know that…they are the only Christmas presents that you need!

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