Easter Egg Fun!

Easter will soon be here and I thought I would pass along some nifty ways to decorate those eggs.  Just remember, it’s important that the eggs be completely cool to have a successful dying session.

The Dying Process:
You can make your own dye with food coloring, as I am sure you already know. But there is somehting so fun and might I even add magical, about the whole plop and fizz when using PAAS as your dye.

The Styling Process:
Remember when you were dying eggs as a child and a fancy egg was one that was two-tone!! Well, those days are in the past!! There are so many neat tricks and designs today, the possiblities are endless!!

Rubber bands and Stickers Designs: Wrap elastic rubber bands around the hard boiled eggs then drop them into the dye. Remove the eggs and then pat dry with paper towels and remove the band. The parts of the eggs covered with the rubber bands will not be colored. Now don’t stop with one color!! After the rubber bands are removed drop the egg into a different dye!! You can also try small stickers such as dots, stars, and ring shaped paper reinforcers. Just remember that the stickers need to be small so that they lay flat on the rounded surface of the eggs.

Crayon Resist Design: Color on the outside of the eggs with the crayons and the wax will resist the dye and your designs will show through. Simply color the eggs, then drop in the dye. Presto…a whole new look!!

Marbled Eggs Design: In a separate mug, place 1 tablespoon of oil, 1 tablespoon of of vinegar and then 1 tablespoon of food coloring. Add enough water to cover the egg, stir quickly with a spoon and drop in the hard boiled egg. Pull the egg out quickly and pat dry with a paper towel. 

Hopefully with all these different design styles, your eggs will be the most stylish on the block!! Enjoy and have fun!! Happy Easter!


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