Easier Mornings with Breakfast Burritos

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Thanks to El Monterey for sponsoring today’s post and helping all moms win!

El Monterey Egg and Bacon Burrito made in 4 minute

If you were to ask me what’s my craziest time of day as a mom, I would have to say… school mornings! It’s basically a race against the clock!  The day starts with trying to wake myself up to nurse Britton and then getting Sebastian up, dressed and fed. We’re both not morning people, so you can imagine what our early rising conversations are like… “Why do I have to go to school? Why can’t I just stay home forever?”  Of course my awesome Mom response is “It will make you smarter.” And every now and then I use the classic comeback…”Cause I told you too!”

Trying to get a warm breakfast in Sebastian before we head out the door is hard. It takes him awhile to wake up. What can I say? I think he clearly takes after his mother. My son has always loved breakfast burritos and now, thanks to El Monterey, this mom can win by serving up a warm breakfast in under four minutes!

El Monterey Egg and Bacon Burrito

These burritos are packed with real ingredients like scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese and bacon nicely wrapped in a flour tortilla. They’re available in five different flavors and a variety of sizes including single-serve, 4-count and 12-count. I chose the egg and bacon because Sebastian is a huge fan of bacon!!

El Monterey Egg and Bacon Burrito close

If you want to make your mornings easier, give El Monterey Breakfast Burritos a try. Before you go to the store,  be sure to print this coupon for $1.00 off any multi-pack of burritos.  You can also keep up with the latest happenings by following El Monterey on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Are you mornings super crazy like mine? What’s your families favorite quick breakfast?

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