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Doom and Gloom Can Kill!

I heard a story about a man who was on a bridge. This man was extremely depressed and felt that his problems were to big and his depression was to great. He had climbed on to the edge of the bridge preparing to jump to his death.

Along came a motorists who saw the man, concerned he stopped his car and jumped out yelling, “Hey, man stop! Please wait!!” He ran over beside the him and said “Come on man, nothing in your life can be so bad that it’s worth dying for. Now tell me what’s going on and maybe I can help you.”

Three hours later after listening to the man talk about all his problems, both men became depressed. And they both jumped!

Be careful ladies with the company you keep. Don’t let a negative person destroy your positive outlook on life. If someone in your life is always speaking of doom and gloom, step back and get some distance. Life is too short and too beautiful to be distorted by such negative thinking. Keep a positive up-beat attitude about life,and soon you will be attracting friends that see life in the same light. Won’t that be nice company to keep?!

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