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Last night around 9:00 or so
I asked my hubby if he would like me to make him a fruit smoothie.
The answer was an obvious yes. ūüôā
So I head over to freezer, open the door and discovered this…

OK, I didn’t have an actual waterfall but water was pouring down the shelves.

And if you’re thinking that’s not normal, you’re right!
So we spend a good 30 minutes dumping 
out water from bins, moving food to the deep freezer in the garage
 and mopping up the rest.
I proceed to make our smoothies and then hop on Google to do some detective work
as to why the freezer is not freezing.
I stumble upon something about vacuuming your coils.
Huh. Yea, maybe I should do that.
I grab the vacuum cleaner, pull off the cover panel and look inside.

Words can not express people.
A picture can, but I am to embarrassed.
I will however, show you how much I vacuumed out of my fridge.
(I hang my head in shame.)
I have been good about cleaning the inside of the fridge.
I even took time to organize it and make it all neat and pretty.
But clean the coils? Nope. I finished cleaning the fridge and we get ready for bed.
I laid in bed thinking this…

Hoping that when I awoke in the morning
my fridge will be magically fixed by my one time vacuuming job.

Did it work?
Not. Even. Close.

 Seeing how our refrigerator is over 10 years old,
I guess it’s time to go shopping.

But, it’s a little hard to do that when I am headed out of town today.

 That leaves little man and hubby at home with no food.
Well, they know how to do fast food so I am pretty sure they will survive.

To sum this whole experience up in one word…clean.
Clean those coils every 6 months.
It will help extend the life of your refrigerator
and you won’t have to hang your head in shame like me.

 Have you cleaned your coils lately?
Did you even know your fridge had coils?
Am I the only one?

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  1. I have the same refrigerator, I love it. when I first got it I used to stand there with it wide open and just gaze at it. it started getting condensation on the shelves. I look in the manual and it said, “stop standing and admiring the refrigerator with the door open!” Just kidding, but that was the problem. I have had it for 8 years and still love it. Bottom freezer is the best! Thanks for the idea of shelf protectors, but I use the waffle stuff and cut it to fit, works pretty well.

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