DIY: Build Your Own Bookends {Tutorial}

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A few months back I was wandering through
Homegoods like you do,
when I noticed these rather cool bookends.
They were navy and had the words “slam dunk” on each end.
Obviously they were for a basketball themed room.
But, it got me to thinking…maybe I could make my own pirate themed bookends.
Hmmmmmm….and when this lady gets to thinking, things happen.
Thus, the Ship Shape bookends were born.
 If you are unfamiliar with the phrase ‘Ship Shape’ 
it means cleaned up or under control.
I thought those words matched perfectly with
a pirate themed room and the job of bookends.
Heck, I would love if his whole room always stayed Ship Shape! 🙂
Anyway, the steps to making these are as easy as 1, 2, 3.
After you have gathered your supplies of course.
Everything you see above I found at Micheal’s Craft Stores, purchased at 40% off.
Even though this is a really cheap project, 
I still love to use those mobile coupons every chance I get.

 Now we are officially on to step one ~ cutting.
You will need a miter saw tilted to 45 degrees.
Place the pretty side of the board (Side A) face up on the saw.
 Tip: Before you cut, measure your letters first to make 
sure you cut your board at the correct length.
Once you have your board marked, cut your first board.
Set the left piece aside and flip remaining board to Side B.
Now, we are going to make another cut at the same exact tilt.
You want you blade to hit just pass the edge.
(Note the arrow in the above picture.)
When cut correctly, you should have a triangle piece left over
and you should be able to connect the two ends correctly.
 Repeat step one with other uncut board.

Now we are on to step two ~ gluing.
Grab some Liquid Nails (personal preference) and apply glue to the cut ends.
Then connect and hold until the glue sets.
Repeat step two with other ends.

 After your boards are secure, 
use your Liquid Nails again to glue on each letter.

 Once that is dry, it’s time to move on to step three ~ spray paint.
I used the same red color that I painted on my lamp shades.
After my painting was finished,
I attached a couple wooden decorations just to bring the Pirate theme home.
I love how the pop of red adds some playful color to his built-in bookcase.

 The possibilities are endless in the ways you could customize.
For baseball, how about Home Run or Play Ball?
For little girls room, Sweet Dreams or Little Angel.
I could go on and on, but you are smart, creative people
so I am sure you can think up some great ones!

This whole project cost me about $15 bucks.
So if you are keeping track of little man’s bedroom remodel, 
that’s one more project down and one more to go…
I think. 🙂

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