Chicks, Stick To Your Guns!

Today I had an interesting experience at Target and I wanted to turn it into a learning experience for all of us! (Sorry, that’s just the teacher in me!!) So today went like this:

I went to Target with my list, my coupons, and the totals for everything I was going to purchase. I then proceed to the check out. The transaction went smooth until the final total showed up! It was more than I had already calculated. I had watched the cashier very carefully and saw that all my coupons had been rang up correctly, but yet I was puzzled on why my transaction was more! 

I went ahead a paid the total and then lingered looking at the receipt because I had no customers behind me. The cashier asked me if something was wrong. I told her that the amount just didn’t seem right. She then pulled out all the coupons again and proceed to tell my how the were all accounted for, which I knew. That’s why I was so puzzled. I finally just made a joke that maybe my brain calculator was broken and wished her a good day.

I then got in my car and started using my calculator to redo the math. I was right, my total was wrong, by $5.00. I remembered how I had two coupons to receive a $5.00 Target gift card. Maybe I was charged for one instead of credited??? I think that must be it, because nothing else I purchased equaled the $5.00 amount.

So we, being my oh so patient son (catch the sarcasm here?) and I turned around got out of the car and went back to Target and headed to the customer service desk. I showed the cashier the receipt and explained what I thought happened because the math just didn’t add up. She then checked with her own calculator and agreed with me! Great I thought, we will be out of here in not time.But…

The cashier hesitated in figuring out how to give me the $5.00 back. Just then, my original cashier from the very first transaction comes walking into customer service. The other cashier asks her to help her…and I think ….oh boy…here we go.

While the customer service cashier is explaining the problem to my original cashier, I say, “Hi, I think I checked out with you.” She then looks up at me and gives me the dirtiest look I have ever seen. The look that says, ‘I know you are just trying to cheat us out of money’ look. Not good…

She then starts calculating and re-calculating. She then says, “I want to go and get all the coupons so we can really double check everything!!” Oh man, more waiting!! So she gets all the coupons and keeps re-calculating. Then a third cashier comes along and they drag her into the whole mess!! 

Now let me tell you, this entire time I was polite, I was patient, and I just keep saying, “Do the math, it doesn’t add up. Even if you round the totals up, it’s still $5.00 off!” Finally, they decided to just give me $5.00 cash back. I also had them check the value on the Target gift cards that were given to me in the very first transaction at checkout and they were correct. Then my original cashier, the one who was wrong,  gave me a another dirty look and marched off with out saying a word.

Now, you may be asking why I am sharing this story with you and the reason is this: know what your final total should be before you ever step into the store. That way you can spot something wrong when you are in the store and solve it right there. Now, my situation was strange because I have never been charged for a $5.00 gift card before, although the costumer service cashier said she had seen that happen before. It definitely threw me for a loop!! So I want to share that problem with you too!

So the lesson to learn here is be prepared. Know your coupons, know your totals, know the store policies, know how to do math, and know how to stick to your guns! It’s your hard earned money, fight for it! Polietly, of course!!


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