A Little Help From My Friends


A big Thank You to Chicco for sponsoring today’s post. I was given a Chicco Close to You Baby Carrier in exchange for my review. As always, all opinions expressed are all mine. I only recommend products I actually use!

It’s been a crazy few weeks. I am still drowning in a sea of boxes and almost every room in our new home is a complete mess. I thought packing up a house when I was 9 months pregnant was hard, I’ve discovered unpacking one with a demanding six month old baby is way harder. Lucky for me, I’ve been blessed with a few saving graces. Friends that helped us move, friends that helped us paint a bedroom, and my great friends at Chicco that helped me carry this guy throughout the process.

chicco closse to you carrier- selfie

Britton has been a mama’s boy from day one. He loves to be near me at all times. As you might imagine unpacking boxes and holding a baby don’t really mix. That’s why it’s been so great to have the carrier. The Close To You Baby Carrier allows me to keep my hands free and slowly get this house organized and livable!

chicco closse to you carrier

But it’s not all work and no play around here … sometimes we take a break for a little drumming action. 😉

chicco closse to you carrier-bang on boxes

One of the features that I really love about this carrier is the three different positions you can carry the baby: facing in, facing out and on the back.  It’s like the carrier grows with the baby. Since Britton is now 7 months old (I know! Crazy!) he fits best in the face out position. I have to watch those little hands though, cause he can grab things quicker than you can blink! 😉 My husband is already looking forward to carrying him in the back carry mode once Britton gets a little older.


Another feature my back really loves is the structured lumbar support. It’s a big help in distributing all of Britton’s 20+ lbs evenly and comfortably. The happier Britton and I are hanging together, the more I can get done! And that my friends is a win/win for this mama. 🙂 Ok…I better get back to those unpacking those boxes!



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