Celebrating 37 Years Young

This morning I awoke to find this beautiful boutique from my hubby. 
(Isn’t he a sweetie?)
Today is my birthday
and I am now officially 37 years young.
Over the past 37 years I have learned much.

1) Sleep is really your best friend.

2) You don’t know until you try. So you must always try. 

3) Don’t lie. You will get caught and it won’t feel good.

4) Help others. Because you can and you should.

5) Using coupons isn’t shameful, it’s just plain smart.

6) Life isn’t fair, so don’t compare.

7) Confidence is the first thing you must put on in the morning.

8) Surround yourself with all things positive; people, thoughts, words.

9) True happiness comes from forgiving, not forgetting.

10) The most beautiful things can come out of the darkest despair. 

11) Never give up hope. Never.

12) Your children will be your greatest teacher. Learn all you can.

13) Laugh often. Big hard belly laughs that make you cry. 

14) Manners make a home. Respect your loved ones.

15) Blessings are overflowing in your day if you take time to notice.

16) Losing a parent hurts. Every day.

17) Encourage others every chance you get. We all need cheer leaders.

18) It’s alright to stop and cry for a moment,  just don’t stay stopped.

19) Marriage is a roller coaster full of ups and downs. Enjoy the ride.

20) Don’t be fearful of change, you may like it.

21) Challenge yourself to learn something new. Keeps you young.

22) Pray often. Pray always. Pray.

23) To be successful, you must first believe you can be.

24) Don’t worry. It won’t help. Trust me, I know. 

25) The littlest act of kindness can make the biggest impact.

26) You don’t have to be a size 0 to be pretty. 

27) Money is important but it is not the most important.

28) Smile, even when you don’t want to. 🙂

29) Be compassionate. It’s so lacking in our world.

30) Dessert is not the enemy. Moderation is the key.

31) Don’t complain. Just don’t.

32) No need to judge others, it’s not your job.

33) Think outside the box…you may even surprise yourself.

34) Learn to cook at least one meal to perfection. Save it for the in-laws. 

35) People first. Always.

36) Don’t offer advice unless asked. Most people just want someone to listen.

37) Be thankful. It just make everything better.

I am sure life has much more to teach me.
Here’s to the life lessons coming my way. 🙂


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