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Can You Find The Eggs?

For today’s Tickle Me Tuesday I thought I would share some pictures from our Easter weekend. This was actually Sebastian’s third Easter but his first official Easter egg hunt. It was raining outside most of the day, so we did our hunt inside around the living room.

I think my husband thought I was crazy to set out the eggs because he was worried that Sebastian would not know what to do. I guess that is a fair assumption because as you all know, babies are not born knowing that one day the will have to grab an Easter basket and collect brightly colored eggs!! But I explained to my hubby that he can understand three-step instructions and I bet it wouldn’t take long for him to catch on!! And once again, I was right!! He took to the hunt like a duck takes to water!! It was so cute!!

Here Sebastian is getting ready to go huntin’…egg huntin’ that is!!

Did you find some chocolate?
How did that get in there?

This egg he called “O” because every time he sees the color orange or an actual orange he says “O” .

Even though I didn’t share a joke with you this Tuesday, I hope that these pictures at least brought a smile to your face. I know when I see them, not only does my face smile but my heart does too!

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