Bye Bye Grease Stains

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I bet you will never guess the first thing I do every morning. It’s pretty unusual. Make my bed? Nope. I should, but I usually get to that later. Get dressed? Na. Why get dressed up when you can hang in your pajamas all day. 🙂 Get a cup of coffee?  Actually I operate this machinery even before enjoying my first cup of morning coffee, which is probably not safe. lol.

Every morning, I go straight to the laundry room and start a load of laundry. See, I told you it was strange. But my goal is to some day enjoy more than those glorious twelve seconds…

Not only is laundry a constant thing in my life, so are those darn stains. I think grease stains are the worst. I never used to have grease stains until I had my little boy. That whole ‘wipe your messy hands on your clothes instead of your napkin’ really gets his clothes dirty. Shocker, I know! And those stains are not easy to get out. That’s were Biz Stain fighter helps a lady out. Never used Biz before? You can learn all about it’s multiply uses for all the cleaning tasks you have around your home by watching this short video.

I also have a goodie for you! If you would like to give Biz Stain fighter a try, print this $1 Biz coupon for your next purchase. And if you would like to be informed of any upcoming promotions, you can  like Biz on Facebook and @BizStainFighter on Twitter.

So here’s to grease-stain free clothes and maybe someday even a new morning routine. What stains do you struggle to get out of your clothes?

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