Britton’s Birth Story


I can’t believe it’s already been three weeks since little Britton entered the world. Although the pain from that day is long gone, the memories are like it just happened yesterday….

Week 40: No baby. I shared this picture on Instagram of my 40 week pregnant profile and my wonder of when this baby would finally arrive.

40 weeks pregnant

I was required on this week to get an ultrasound and non-stress test to make sure baby was still doing well. We discovered everything looked good and I was already dilated to a 3 and at 80% effaced! So all that was left now was to wait. Have I mentioned how I’m not a very patient person? 🙂 I decided to start taking walks around the neighborhood to get things moving. It’s got to help right? Nope!

Week 41: Still no baby. Again to the doctor to do another ultrasound and non-stress test. Everything was still fine. There were no signs this baby was even thinking about coming out. No contractions. No water breaking. Nada. He was happy where he was thank you very much! So I was scheduled to be induced a week later.

Week 42: Induction day! Hallelujah! Finally going to meet this little baby boy! We had to check into the hospital at 7:30 in the morning. So we got up early and went out to breakfast before heading over. I decided to take one last “pregnant” belly picture before we left the house. I’m pretty excited, can you tell? 😉 I also had to wear my “I’m So Pregnant” shirt one final time! All the nurses loved it.

42 weeks pregnant

We arrive at the hospital and they check me. I’m still only dilated to a 3 and at 80% effaced. Seriously?! So they start me on a Pitocin drip. Each half hour the nurse increases the amount. And we wait. Any contractions? NO! Nothing. Hour by hour we wait. This picture of my husband Chris, sums up how we felt about 2:00 pm that afternoon.


By 3:00 my midwife decides to check me again. I’m still at a 3!  I start thinking this baby is never going to leave my body! She decides it’s time to break my water and take me off the Pitocin. The new plan is to start walking the floor and hopefully my body will take over and do its thing. At this point, I’m start getting some contractions BUT they aren’t getting stronger or faster. Good grief people!

Around 7:00 my midwife comes by to check me again. No progress. Even with some contractions, I’m still just dilated to a 3!!! You know what that means? We have been here all day with no baby.  So it’s time to start up the Pitocin again. Around 8:30 is when the contractions started coming stronger and more intense! This is when my sweet Chris jumps in and starts coaching me to breathe. I forget to do that sometimes when I’m in pain. 🙂

So now contractions are extremely painful and they are getting closer. I keep telling my husband that I want a break but it’s not happening. The nurse comes in and says she likes that the contractions are more intense but they need to be closer together. I’m like what?!?!?! Are you kidding me?!! So she increases my Pitocin once again.

By this time I’m thinking an epidural would be nice. 🙂 So I tell Chris to get the nurse. She brings in the paperwork and in between contractions I sign my life away. Before I was to get the epidural the nurse wanted to check to see how far dilated I had become. Surprise, surprise! I was at an 8 and we were moving very quickly to the finish line!

The nurse and Chris told me I was there and all I had to do now was push. So I had to make a decision. Epidural or no epidural? About that time I felt a big need to push. So I yell out, “I need to push!” And I guess that was my answer. No epidural, I was going to do this all natural!

It only took 3 pushes to welcome Jack Britton! Three people! I have never felt such intense pain in my life. In fact, I actually went into shock right after I delivered. I had uncontrollable shakes for over 30 minutes so I didn’t get to hold Britton right away. But when I finally did, all that pain was quickly forgotten and all I felt now was an uncontrollable amount of love gushing from my heart. I had prayed and dreamed for this baby for many years and he was finally here in my arms. Thank you, Lord. Thank you.

britton birth2

I have always loved the name Britton but I wanted to honor my dad as well. So Chris and I finally decided his first name would be Jack after my wonderful late father but we would call him by his middle name ~ Britton. It was perfect.

The past three weeks have been tiring, wonderful, exhausting, beautiful and every other emotion you can list. It has been a struggle to get back into the routine of life and adjust to now parenting not one, but two handsome boys. With God’s blessings, we are going to be just fine. Our hearts are full and life is good!



  1. I’m so happy for you guys! I know another baby is something you so dearly wanted! What a blessing! I guess God was just waiting for the right time. Congratulations!! Thanks for sharing your story

  2. Congratulations!! What a beautiful family you all make. That little Britton was a stubborn one. That was the same as my last baby. But I did get the epidural BUT it didn’t kick in in time so I felt it allll. My Troy wouldn’t come then all of a sudden he did. All almost 10 pounds. Ya, we decided no more after him 5 wonderful babies is enough. Enjoy they grow so quick!

  3. Congratulation for adding to your already beautiful family. He will be a delight in your life. Praise the Lord everything went so well , all good things come to those who wait.

  4. OH, Laura,
    Congratulations! What a story! It did take you to wait, and with your “impatience,” you were quite a trooper!
    Happy Birth and Happy Life to your wonderful family!

  5. Hi Laura,

    I’m visiting from The Shabby Creek Cottage. Great story. Congratulations on your new little guy!

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