BabyNes: A Mom’s Best Friend


Hello there and a very Happy Monday to you! I had a pretty busy weekend. I went shopping and got an early Christmas gift. For myself! Since my old phone was dying it was time so I decided to get a new iPhone 6s. So far,  I think I’m going to love it because is so similar to my older phone.  And really, a phone that holds it’s charge for longer than 20 minutes is pretty exciting to me!

Speaking of loving new things…have you heard of Gerber’s BabyNes? It’s a single-serving formula dispensing machine. Simply put…it’s amazing!


You may remember when Britton was born, I shared my story about breastfeeding and why I supplemented with formula. Now that he is 10 months old, I’ve become a bottle making pro. (I think I ‘ve even made a few in my sleep!  😉 ) But when I heard about this machine and how fast it could make a bottle, I had to give it a try! Anything that can save me time as a mom is a winner in my book.

First step was to fill the water tank and then turn on the machine.

babynes water tank

Then I added the capsule and placed Britton’s bottle under the spout.

babynes capsule

Then I simply pushed the start button.

babynes filling bottle

I had a perfectly mixed bottle, at the right temperature in less than one minute! It was so awesome!

babynes with complete bottle

Gerber has a few other items that can be big life savers when it comes to feeding the baby.

Feeding the Baby 4 Savers

 Gerber Soothe Colic Drops | BabyNes Formula Dispenser | Gerber Pure Water | Withings Baby Scale

If you’re expecting or know someone who is…get the BabyNes added to the baby registry! When you’re up in the middle of the night needing to make a bottle instantly so your little one will stop crying…you’ll be happy you have this machine waiting in the kitchen! 😉

What other baby feeding items are life savers for you?

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