Babies R Us-Cheap Method Laundry Detergent

I heard that there was a great deal on Method Lanudry Detergent at Babies R Us. So I headed over there to see what I could find.

There is a Method promotion running right now that if you buy $20.00 worth of Method products, you instantly get $5.00 off.

So this is the deal:

Buy 3 Method Laundry Detergent at $8.49 each.
Total before coupons is $ 25.47
-minus $5.00 off instantly (for buying $20.00 in Method products)
-minus $6.00 off with (3) $2.00 off Method coupons, found HERE
-minus $9.00 off with $3.00 off each laundry product BRU coupon, found HERE
Final total is $5.47 or $1.82 each.

Now, I think that is a pretty good price. If you can find any clearance bottles of Method, you can get an even better deal.

You may have noticed in my picture, that I didn’t buy 3 bottles of detergent. I bought 2 and 1 box of Method dryer sheets. The reason I did this was because the sheets were cheaper-$4.99 and I thought they would still be considered a laundry item. Well, when I checked out, the computer would not give me the $3.00 off this product because it was not laundry detergent! Which was correct and my mistake….I didn’t notice the word detergent on the coupon! So I actually ended up paying for my 3 items a total of $4.97 or $1.65 each. Just a little reminder lesson to myself to make sure I read the coupons carefully!! 

If you want to see another example of this deal, go to Living Rich With Coupons found HERE! She scored an even better deal because she found 1 bottle on clearance!!

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