August Giveaway – My Fashion Favorites


Win this fun Fashion Favorites giveaway and make your wardrobe very happy!

Surprise! It’s time for another giveaway. Last months kitchen giveaway was a HUGE success and I have to give a big congratulations to the winner: Barb! I would’ve totally loved to keep that whole giveaway for myself. 😉 And the August giveaway is going to be a super hard one for me to put in the mail too! 

For this giveaway I gathered up a few of my absolute favorite fashion items: a sleek faux leather bag, pretty earrings, a chic ring  and not one BUT THREE gift cards for you to shop away. I’m including one $50 gift card to GAP — but you can redeem it at three other stores as well; Old Navy, Banana Republic or Athleta. And there’s also a $50 gift card to Nordstrom and a $50 card to J. Crew as well. This fashion giveaway is valued at $302! 

You may be wondering why I picked fashion for my giveaway selection this month. Well, simply put…I have fashion on the brain this month. I’m sharing chic mom outfits on my Instagram stories all this month. It’s all apart of my #chicmomstyle challenge you can read about here. I really want to help moms feel and look their best! 

Would you love to win this fashion giveaway? It’s not only perfect for moms but also if you have some back to school shopping or just prepping for the new fall season.

The jewelry included is a Madewell ring that I wear all the time (and get compliments on it daily). I also added a pair of earrings just for fun. I think they would add a little chic to any outfit. 

So now, here comes the fun part! I am so excited to giveaway all these fashion favorites for someone else to enjoy!

Enter for your chance to win…just complete the information in the box below!

 August Fashion Giveaway

A couple of things to note:

After you enter, you’ll be asked to confirm your email address.  ???? Don’t forget to check your spam folder.

You can earn extra entries by following me on social media and sharing the giveaway with friends. I am so appreciative of you and thank you sooo much for telling your friends about Inspiration for Moms!

Good luck to you!



  1. So glad I started following you a week or so ago, what a fun giveaway! You have a lovely blog. Looking forward to trying some of your ideas!

    1. I have lost 32 pounds that I’ve been unable to for 20 years and I seriously need new clothes. This would be perfect for that and I wouldn’t look like I was wearing hand-me-downs.

    2. I would treat myself to a new wardrobe. I’m 41 weeks pregnant, I can’t wait to wear something that makes me feel good again – my self esteem is [email protected] a zero. I love being a mom, but sometimes I think we as mom’s forget to treat ourselves & it’s easy to lose ourselves along the way. Especially when they are aged 3 and under, my son had bucket loads of energy & loves depleting me of mine ????

  2. I would gift this to my daughter inlaw who has a 10 month old baby and living away from family & friends.

  3. Girl, you rock! I remember when you told me at Starbucks many years ago that your goal was 500 followers by the end of that year! Look at you now!! Btw…I would love this giveaway!!!! ((Hugs))

  4. I would give this to my daughter. She’d love the bag and deserves to spoil herself. She’s a single, working mom and always puts her son first. I’d love to spoil her with this 🙂

  5. This is awesome! I would probably aim to get myself some things I can use for practicing ballroom dance because I never seem to have enough athleisure wear. I also might use it towards things I would need for wedding events for my upcoming november wedding.

  6. I would buy some Gap athletic clothes cuz they come in +size n r really comfy… I’d get lost in old Navys clearance racks ???????????? one of my fav shopping past times… I’d get some classic button downs at j.crew for my man… Nordstrom has Fab plus collections these days too and there’s always racks of stuff on sale .. possibilities are endless!! All the while toting this awesome purse along n being happy to finally have a piece of madewell jewelery ????
    Thanks for the chance!! ????????✌

  7. Wow! How very generous! I would take my mom & sister shopping with the gift cards. I appreciate the chance and good luck to all. Thanks for spreading the love! 🙂

  8. I adore the bag and the earrings! Would love to shop for a few things for the fall wardrobe. Such a wonderful giveaway- thanks for the opportunity!

  9. I am in need of everything. I would get outfits and accessories for sure!! Please oh please let me win!!

  10. Wow, this is so generous! If I win I would buy all the Fall things! Cozy leggings from Athleta, booties from Nordstrom’s, and a sweater from J. Crew! ????

  11. I would buy my daughter some new clothes she’s been on a diet and is loosing weight. She looks awesome. Thanks for a chance great giveaway ????

  12. Ohhh… I love this giveaway!! It would be so amazing to treat myself to some new clothes and feel like a sexy momma vs a hot mess momma. It would be great to put together a look and have a date night with my husband wearing an actual Handbag instead of my diaper bag. ????????????‍♀️????. Of course I’d have to get my girls a few things from Baby Gap too.

  13. id put them in my kids stocking stuffer this christmas i havnt even begin not one thing so im disappointed in myself this year but thats what id do with them

  14. I definitely need some new shoes so I would see what they have with that and anything that is on sale! 🙂

  15. I would give them to my daughter and son in law! Would really help them, they lost a lot of weight and need new clothes.

  16. I use to get my sister something new . She in needs something new been ages since got anything new clothes thanks great giveaway

  17. I would get some things for my grandson a really good pair of sneakers that he can wear his orthodics with

  18. I would get my son new shoes for school with the gift cards (and maybe new shirts if there’s extra!). Thanks for this fun giveaway!!!

  19. I do have a few clothing items to pick up for my son and he loves Gap. I would treat myself to some cute items for fall too.

  20. With Fall approaching, I would get some scarves and sweaters . OI would also look for tassel earrings ans a few necklaces.

  21. What a great giveaway! If I won, I’d use the gift cards to pick up some new fall tops & sweaters.

  22. My son starts eighth grade this week… These sure would come in handy for back to school shopping!!! Thank you for the chance to win!!!!

  23. I’m so glad I found your page. Your blogs are wonderful with great information. Not to mention the fabulous giveaway you’re having too. Thank you for the chance

  24. What a lovely giveaway, thanks for the opportunity! I’m trying to embrace my post baby #4 body and this would be so fun.

  25. I normally share my winnings with family but not this one.. 🙂 I would use the gift cards for Christmas and the beautiful bag I would use for work. My fingers are tightly crossed!

  26. i love this bag so much and i love whats in it too but this bag is awesome !!!! thank you . i also would buy some clothes for my daughter she loves old navy

  27. Thank you for the chance to win those beautiful pieces, bag and gift cards.
    I would like to wish everyone luck.

  28. I would give to my 2 granddaughters so they could get clothes for school. One is a junior is high school and the other one is a freshman in college.

  29. Honestly, simply put, I would buy myself some new items of clothing with the gift cards. If any amount were to be left on them afterwards, I’d use them to buy gifts for family members for Christmas. Thanks for the fantastic opportunity to win!

  30. I’ve been struggling with Raynaud’s, & would buy warm items to layer up with! The GAP gift card would be perfect for casual hoodies/sweatshirts, and the Nordstrom & J.Crew cards would be awesome for knits!

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