A Christmas Vignette

My Christmas Vignette is done.
To be honest, I almost wasn’t going to share my holiday vignette.
It is just so hard to take quality pictures of my entryway table.

For one there’s no direct lighting along this wall.
I also have the light reflection of not only 
one, but three windows!
And then you have the mirror which reflects everything
including me trying to take the picture! Sheesh! 

So I tried my best, I did.
Maybe Santa will bring me a new camera for Christmas.
Of some photography classes. 
Something, cause this girl needs some help!

Now that I have shared my disclaimer on my pictures
it’s time to show you my decorations.

My holiday theme this year was simply~ family.

I gathered a few ornaments, some green garland,
and a few family pictures and that’s all that I used for this holiday vignette.

I can not express to you how much I love the Santa picture.
Everything was perfect from the pose, the smiles, to that
Santa lookin’ like the real guy. Perfect.

The right side has pictures of little man’s second Christmas
with us reading the Polar Express. 
He had the cutest chubby cheeks when he was little. 🙂

From fuzzy hats to Santa hats, little man loves them all.

At the top I hung a few snowflake ornaments just to draw your eye up
the full length of the mirror.
Here’s a fun shot looking up towards them.

In the reflection you can see my Christmas Chalkboard sign.

And I didn’t realize it at first,
but it looks like little man got caught in the mirror.
Like I said, it’s tricky. 🙂

Oh, and I did too! *giggle*
Hey there!
(Ok, that one was on purpose!)

The lights add a nice warm glow at night.
Bonus shot…a sneak view at the tree in the reflection. 🙂

Love the lights of the holidays and to be surrounded by my family.

P.S. If you would like to learn how I built my mirror,
check out my tutorial on the Pottery Barn Eagan Mirror.


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