5 Tips for Paying Your Bills On Time

With the holidays now in full swing, it’s easy to start feeling stressed about money. I often think, “If I only had a million dollars. That might help solve a few problems!” But since I don’t see that happening anytime soon, I decided instead I would share with you one way that I honestly do experience a little “financial peace of mind” in my life.  By keeping my bills organized and paid on time, not only do I reduce my financial stress, I also keep more of my money. Want to know how to do it? Learn my 5 easy steps to paying your bills on time and never pay a late fee again!

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1) Create a bill paying station. Placing bills in your purse or just throwing them on the kitchen counter is risky. By setting up a location where you can keep and pay your bills, you will be less likely to miss a payment. Stock the area with all the items you will need to pay your bills, including a computer (for online bill paying), calendar, checkbook, stamps and envelopes. Then when it’s time to pay your bills, you are all ready to go!

2) Schedule a bill paying time. It’s important to carve out time on your calendar to pay your bills just the way you would schedule time for the gym or work appointments. By setting a regular time to pay bills, you will create a habit that will make it harder for you to miss a due date.

3) Organize your bills. Your bills should be organized according to due dates and then noted on your bill calendar. It’s best to create a habit of marking your calendar immediately after receiving your bills.  Tip: highlighting those dates may help them stand out!

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4) Sign up to receive bill paying reminders. Check to see if your creditors provide online bill payment reminder features. Use it as a prompt to log into your bank account and pay those bills.

5) Pay by phone. Many credit card companies will allow you to pay your bills by phone for free. (I’ve used this feature a time or two!) If you remember a bill on it’s due date, this is a great way to avoid any late fees and still pay on time.

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What tips do you have to paying your bills on time? I would love for you to share them in the comments below.

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  1. I am terrible about this. I just transfer money onto my credit cards as soon as I have some extra (because I also suck at budgeting) so I don’t ever really miss a due date, but I easily could if I just didn’t have extra money at the time. I need to be more on top of this for sure!

  2. These are so great! I also love setting up automatic payments…I have a calendar on my computer that syncs with my phone with reminders that remind me the day before that the bill is about to be paid! It’s my saving grace!

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