• 5 Home Decorating Mistakes You Can Fix in 5 Minutes

Home decorating mistakes happen and sometimes they are not so easy to correct. You have to humble your pride and return the sofa you loved. Or spend another entire weekend buying new paint and repainting that room again. But other mistakes are actually much easier to fix than one might think. Like it could possible to fix all 5 of these popular home decor mistakes in only 5 minutes time!

Well before I break them down, maybe consider the following list of mistakes as your cheat sheet for how to design a beautiful, styling room you’ll love. Now, let’s get to fixin’ those mistakes!

Layer The Lighting

  • One home decorating mistake I often see is using only over head lighting for a rooms light source. But to make a room look well designed, layered lighting is the better choice.
  • So for a quick change, layer the lighting in a room by adding a floor lamp or a table lamp. I have table lamps in every room in our home – even our kitchen.

Add Some Green

  • Plants are always a great home decorating item. Besides freshening up a room, they help to also boost air quality and even reduce stress. So if you have a room that’s lacking some green, Add a few (or a bunch) of low-maintenance indoor plants or trees.

Hang Art Correctly

  • Another home decorating mistake is thinking a small room should only have small art. Actually, larger pieces bring in visual interest, texture, and color. And collectively those large pieces work together to give a smaller room a more completed designed look.
  • And while you’re playing around with your art, be careful of hanging it too high or low. Your goal should be to aim for the center of the piece to hit about 60 inches, directly at eye level for most.

Switch Up The Layout

  • Quick! Right now, answer this question: where is your furniture placed? Is it up against all the walls? Often we can fall into this home decorating mistake of pushing all the furniture pieces up to the walls of our rooms. And we’re thinking by doing this, it’s saving or creating more space. But it doesn’t.
  • Pull pieces toward one another and off the walls to create a more intimate, useful seating experience. Plus, this will create a flow and allow the room to breathe.

Check Your Rug Size

  • I think we can all know that area rugs can completely transform a room and create a great point of interest. But knowing what size is right for your room, that can sometimes be a big home decorating mistake.
  • So let’s talk sizes. A living room almost always needs a rug that’s at least 8-by-10 feet, if not 9-by-12 feet. Considering a 4-by-6 for your living room or bedroom? NOPE! That rug size is a good choice for next to a bed, in a kitchen, or for an entryway.

So don’t delay any longer—these home decorating mistakes quick fixes will make your home a better, more stylish place in no time. The only thing you have to lose by trying them is about 5 minutes!