2014 ~ Year of Meaning

Welcome to the first day of 2014!
I know that new years are often associated with resolutions.
I have personally decided to give up the resolutions
and just chose one little word to focus on and incorporate into my life.
For example,
if I had to sum up last year, my word would be educated.
I learned in the blogging world, that networking is a beautiful thing.
You not only make new friends but you learn what blessing 
it is to be a part of something bigger than yourself.
In my personal life I learned to live in less fear.
To do this, I had to recognize when I was afraid and ask myself why.
Not an easy thing to do, but necessary to send that fear packing!
To live without fear is a very freeing experience. 
(This will still be an ongoing exercise in 2014.) 
 I learned as a wife to be patient and except that
 my husband is never going to be “just a normal” guy.
And while we may have a few different goals for life,
we are definitely on the same path.

As a parent I learned that my son is no longer a baby
but a young boy that doesn’t need to be cuddled every five minutes.
(But oh how I wish I could hold him in my arms all day long. *sigh*)
 He needs to spread his little independent wings.
 Hopefully he knows that his mother loves him
by my quick hugs and kisses throughout his day. 🙂 
So when I was thinking about my new word for 2014,
I knew I wanted a word that would reflect my goals for the new year.
I finally realized one night, that I want my life and
everything I do to have purpose. I want meaning in my life.

I want there to be meaning to every action I take.
Whether it’s writing on my blog, things I have in my home,
or how I choose to spend my day.
I no longer want to feel like a pin ball in the machine
being bounced around and just “reacting” to what happens in my life.
 I want meaning behind every choice I make.
Not to just react,  but be proactive.

Throughout this year you may see the hashtag #GiveLifeAMeaning
on my blog and my social media.
That hashtag will  be a reminder of my goal for this new year.

I have a small challenge for you in 2014.
 Think of one little word you would love to focus on in your life.
Maybe you want to live with more joy.
Or you need to just be still.
Instead of more,  maybe you just need less.
What’s your one little word for 2014?

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