20 Little Things I Like About Fall

Hello October and Hello Fall!
My favorite season officially arrived
a couple of weeks ago.
But it’s been just in the last few days
that the beautiful change of this season 
is starting to show it’s true colors. 🙂
I thought for fun,
I would share 20 little things I like love about fall.
If you love fall as much as I do,
this list should be fun for the both of us.
1) Cool nights. 
I love to leave the windows open at night.
The crisp, cool air has you snuggle a little tighter under 
those blankets causing you to sleep like a baby. 
2) Pumpkins.
I love to eat them.
Love to carve them.
Love ’em.

3) Colorful leaves.
My world is full of color right now.
I often find myself checking out the trees
while I am driving around town.
(Yes, keeping my eyes on the road is a challenge at times!)
4) Sweaters.
Comfy, cozy, soft, forgiving. 
Need I say more?
5) Hot drinks.
Warm teas, apple cider, hot chocolate, pumpkin lattes and my fave,,,
hot chia tea. Yum.
Oh, and maybe a hot toddy or two? 🙂
6) Harvest Moons.
I’ve had a long love affair with the moon.
But never does my heart swoon more
than when fall arrives and I behold this beauty.
7) Giving Thanks.
The fall is full of things to be thankful for,
especially our families.
8) Apples.
the perfect dessert for any fall meal.
That’s what I call ‘sweet comfort food’. 
9) Fall walks.
Nothing beats a cool fall walk in the woods.
It’s just good for your soul.
10) Return of prime time TV.
Ok, this may seem silly to some of you. 
But after a summer of nothing to watch,
I am itchin’ for some new Grey’s. 
11) Pumpkin patches.
The joy of hiking out into that patch
to pick the perfect pumpkin.
Of course, It has to be so gigantic
that you can’t even carry it home. 🙂
12) Soups.
Warm soup on a cool fall day
warms your body to the core with yummy goodness. 
13) Jeans with boots.
A great pair of leather boots with your favorite pair of jeans.
The perfect fall style. 
14) Warm Fires.
Snuggling next to a warm crackling fire. So fall. 

15) Mums
Mums with pumpkins. Yes, please. 🙂 

16) Baking.
Pies, breads, apples…
such a sweet aroma to any home
on a lovely fall day.
17) It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.
Must see every fall. With or without the kid.



18) Halloween.
I love getting my little man in costume
and he loves getting sweet treats.
Well, so do I. (He shares.)
19) Raking Leaves.
Yes, it’s work.
Yes, I usually do get blisters.
But it’s fun to jump in them
and then start the work all over again.
and finally 

20) Fall color nail polish.
My favorite this year is Hot Cocoa by Essie. 

So that’s my not so little list.
What do you like or love about fall?

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  1. Great list! Oh thanks for reminding me of “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”. I LOVE that one. I watch it every year as well.Happy Fall 🙂

  2. YES to all the things on your list 🙂 I love everything about the fall, too. Pumpkins especially (and my fall is never complete without Charlie Brown either).

    Stopping by from SITS and hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

    Also, smiled ear to ear with all of your colorful pictures. Beautiful 🙂

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