10 Outstanding Christmas Decorations

I have to interrupt our regularly scheduled post
because my little man is sick and I will not be doing 
any shopping around town today.

My plan for today is simple…
care for little man,
bake like crazy,
wrap like it’s no ones business,

Although none of the above is really fun for me,
I don’t see why you can’t have some fun!

 To help you stay in the spririt of Christmas
I have found 10 awesome Christmas decorations to share with you. 

So grab that warm cup of cocoa and put on some Christmas carols.
It’s Christmas time! 

1. Love this lighted JOY sign!

4. Such a beautiful Christmas hymn canvas.

5. Add some Christmas sparkle with a fancy sequin pillow.

 6. Adorable felt pine trees.

8. Winter wonderland Christmas bedroom
this should be standard in every home during Christmas!

9. A simple, but lovely Christmas mantel.

and last, but definitely not least…. 

10. The natural Noel sign is perfect.
I’d say, it’s definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


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