10 lbs. in 23 Days…The 23rd Day is HERE!!

23 days ago I decided to loose 10 lbs. by my 35th birthday. Well, the day is here and this is how I did!

The first 5 pounds came off rather easy, like in the first couple of weeks. But I have been really struggling with the last 5 pounds. I know that my exercise was lacking. I did go on many walks but they were not high intense walks, more like casual strolls with the family. 

So to give you the conclusion of 10lbs in 23 days…we got to 5. I think maybe this segment should be re-titled….5lbs in 23 days!  At least I’m 5lbs less then when I started!

I want to give a big thanks to Kimberly, the lovely lady who decided to join me on this journey. Your email this morning was such a blessing. I was feeling so bad that I didn’t reach me goal. But your words encouraged me and helped me focus on the bigger picture of what I had accomplished! You were a great inspiration to me!! I would love to keep in touch and keep encouraging each other to our weight loss goals! And once we reach those, cause we will, let’s set some new goals!! 

I also want to thank my sister in support of the no Dr. Pepper goal. She decided to fast with me and it helped me stay strong and not cheat knowing I had someone else who was depending on me! Thanks for your encouragement and being my favorite cheerleader!!

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